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Plug & Play

GameToGo is tailor-made for Mac users.

Just plug it in and run Windows OS at the fastest speeds.

Some programs are just for Windows. GameToGo makes it easy to run and play your favorite Windows games.

GameToGo makes it all super simple, so that you can start gaming in no time.

GameToGo makes it safe to prepare important files.

GameToGo is way more affordable.

GameToGo English Introduction

Introduce GameToGo to Mac users, run Windows easily.Play Windows games with a Mac. Just plug in GameToGo and turn your Mac into a Windows computer.

Game To Go 遊戲好棒棒发布于 2019年6月16日周日

We’ve sold over 5,000 GameToGo’s!

See what people have said about us.

Highly Recommended!

Terry Huang

As the title suggests, GameToGo is probably the best 3C product I've ever bought. It’s easy to use and it saves disk space on my MacBook Pro. I would recommend this to anyone who owns a Mac.

Helpful and Perfect

Kirby Hu

Super convenient when you need Windows. I used it for AutoCAD, and everything runs smoothly and meets all my needs. An essential device for work and fun with a Mac!

Excellent match for my MacBook Pro

Lenny Chen

I bought GameToGo 256GB and I’ve been pretty satisfied with it. I bring it anywhere I have to go with my MacBook Pro and I love it!

What is

GameToGo is an unique USB external device that plugs directly into your Mac and lets your Mac run Windows!

GameToGo is an upgrade for your Mac, which not only adds to it with dual system support, but it also expands the usable capacity on your hard disk.

GameToGo has a built-in driver genius for Mac, which identifies the model and supports all Mac computers!


Are you
still using BootCamp or Parallels?

Try GameToGo! It’s better and faster!

With Bootcamp, precious space on your hard disk is forced away from your Mac in order to create space for Windows and the resulting hard disk partition is irreversible.

For Parallels, it takes up space on your disk, it limits gaming performance, and you have to pay an annual fee.

If you use GameToGo, it saves you valuable hard disk space on your Mac and offers a seamless gaming experience.

Function comparisonGame ToGoBoot CampParallels
Maintenance feeWindows LicenseWindows LicenseWindows License + Annual Fee
No need to install Windows on your own.OXX
Do not take up capacity on disk.OXX
Need to restart the machine.OOX
Support driver for device hardware.OOX
Make best use of hardware power.
Disk IO/SpeedMax 500 MB/sBy DeviceBy Device
Support DirectX gamesOOX
Difficulty on maintenancePlug in and enjoyHard and time-consumingDriver Genius
StabilityVery GoodVery GoodGood

Media Reports

Work hard, play hard!

Windows isn’t only for games, it’s surely suitable for work too.

Supports all Mac products.

All Mac users deserve a GameToGo!
Bring it everywhere you go just incase you need to boot up Windows.

*Real tested on all Mac computers manufactured after 2013

GameToGo Includes
Windows10 License.

Microsoft Windows 10 Home English INTL: 64 Bits

Full Retail Pack - 1 PC, 1 User

Also provide Electronic Software Download (ESD) version for user to choose.


Reset or
Reinstall Windows?

Not to worry! We have it covered.

You can easily reset GameToGo to its factory settings, including Windows, all on your own.

Reset is a feature for GameToGo.

  • 128 GB
    • GameToGo
    • USD$ 299
    • Free Shipping 

      Including Windows 10 Home License.

  • 256 GB
    • GameToGo
    • USD$ 349
    • Free Shipping

      Including Windows 10 Home License.

  • 512 GB
    • GameToGo
    • USD$ 399
    • Free Shipping

      Including Windows 10 Home License

Plug in and enjoy. Driver genius solves all of your problems.

Options available for GameToGo include 128GB, 256GB, 512GB.

It fits in your pocket and takes up little space.

Windows 10 English operating system is preloaded for your convenience.

Enjoy super fast performance without delays.

Easily transfer files between two systems.