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Download Drivers for New Mac Devices

Your Mac is the newest model. Please reboot to macOS and download driver package from:

If you see a popup hint like this while driver genius running.

Fallow the instruction below to fix it.


Choose the drivers you need based on the model of your Mac. Download it to the Data (D:\) disk in GameToGo.


Restart your computer and Choose EFI BOOT to enter Windows. It will run driver genius automatically. Please finish it.

⚠️ If same message popups up again, it means the driver you downloaded is not correct.

⚠️ Please do not change the file name, it will cause an error on the driver genius.


Finish the installation of drivers and then your GameToGo is ready to use.

Mac Model

iMac(Retina 4K,21.5 “,2019 )

iMac(Retina 5K,27 “,2019 )

MacBook Pro(15″,2019 )

MacBook Air(Retina,13″,2019 )

MacBook Pro(13″,2019 ,two Thunderbolt 3 port)