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FAQ for GameToGo

The FAQs provide an answer for questions you might encounter for general use. If you cannot find a suitable solution here, please inquire our CS representative on our fans page. A designated agent will be assigned to assist you.

How do I use GameToGo on my Mac?

Plug in GameToGo, press Option (Alt) when you restart the computer, an option of EFI Boot will appear, and then choose it to enter Windows.


For those Mac computers with Apple T2 chip, the first time you use GameToGo, a security lock will pop up. Please refer to the user’s manual to change the setting before use.

Check GameToGo User Manual for detail instruction.

Can I use the same GameToGo on different Mac computers?

A GameToGo is designed for one computer.

It is not recommended to share the GameToGo.

Because of the variation of the drivers in new and old Mac computers, we will detect the best fit drivers for you to use GameToGo at the first time.

If the same GameToGo is used on another Mac with a different driver, you will still be able to enter system, but some hardware might not work because the drivers are not compatible.

The Microsoft key will be bound to the device. For any version, the key can be bound to one computer only.

My computer connectors are USB Type-C / Type-A. Can I still use GameToGo?

GameToGo supports both USB Type-C and Type-A, and will come with two cables: one for Type-C, and the other for Type-A. You can decide which one to use depending on your connector.

Can I use GameToGo as a normal USB flash drive?

GameToGo provides a data folder for duo system, so users can use it as a USB flash drive.

Can I use GameToGo on a non-Mac computer?

GameToGo is tailor-made for Mac computers. It will still work on a non-Mac computer, but some drivers will be not installed, so you will have to install them manually.

Can GameToGo support an eGPU?


Will GameToGo have any heat dissipation problem?

GameToGo contains a disk, so with long-term use, the operation temperature will reach about 110℉, which is normal.

Therefore, please pay attention to the location where it is placed.

In case of over heating due to poor heat dissipation, the operation will slow down but the product will not be influenced.

Purchase GameToGo

How long would it takes after I buy GameToGo ?

We ship GameToGo from Taiwan by international logistics. Normally, our customer would receive GameToGo within a week.

How do I return or repair GameToGo?

90 Days Money-Back Guarantee

If at the end of 90 days you’re not completely in love with your purchase, return it for a full refund.

No questions asked. In any condition.

It’s that simple with GameToGo. No hassle.

Contact us at if you have a problem with any of your purchase.


One Year Refund Warranty

Within warranty and after 90 days for any defect, malfunction, even with the assistance of our C.S. and the product still doesn’t work the way it should, all you have to cover is the postage back to our company and we will refund 50% money-back for you.


Please note that all the refunds are not including the claimed Windows License.

The warranty does not cover a damage on appearance, an artificial damage, Windows system failure, or a computer virus.

Do I need to pay additional shipping fee?

Free shipping. No additional fee.

About Windows

I don't need Windows. Does Windows License refundable?

GameToGo need Windows License to activate the Windows it preloads.
All GameToGo bundle with a Windows License.

Only before you claim the Windows License with redeem code, you can refund the Windows License.

Make sure everything go smoothly before you claim the Windows License.

Can I reset or reinstall Windows?

Yes, you can reset or reinstall Windows.

GameToGo developed a tool for this purpose. User can easily reset GameToGo to the factory setting by their own.

Check the user manual for how to do this in details.

What version of Windows does the preloading come with?

For your convenience, an English international version of Windows 10 is preloaded in GameToGo.

It supports key activation for both home and professional versions of Windows 10.

Other version of key activation can ask CS support for more details.

Can I update Windows?

Yes, you can update Windows normally.


It does not support upgrade to a different version, such as from Windows 8 to Windows 10.

It does not support annual upgrade, such as from Window 10 version 1709 to 1803.


We adopt the BootCamp technology from Apple, so as long as Apple still supports BootCamp, we will be able to support you. In other words, it all depends on the chemistry between Microsoft and Apple, which is pretty good in general.


We provide annual upgrades through the same software we use for Windows reinstalled.

Ask CS support or see GameToGo manual for details.

Can I have other Windows version like Windows 7?

Sorry. GameToGo only provides Windows 10 English Version.