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GameToGo User Manual


Product contents:

・USB 3.1 Type-C external hard disk

・USB 3.1 Type-C to Type-C Cable
・USB 3.1 Type-C to Type-C Cable
・Cable tie/ warranty card/ user manual

⚠️ Please note

⚠️ When the Windows system is in operation, please do not remove GameToGo or the cable to prevent data loss or damage on the Windows system.
⚠️ During the installation, there may be a window on the right, lower corner popping up for a restart. Please ignore it and restart only when all driver programs are installed completely.
⚠️ When you use GameToGo under macOS, the system will inquire if you’d like to use GameToGo for a backup for Time Machine, please choose NO.

Supporting models for GameToGo

GameToGo can be used on all Mac computers after 2013.
・MacBook Pro
・MacBook Air
・Mac mini
・Mac Pro
・iMac Pro

Partition of preset disk for GameToGo

Disk C – the disk for Windows system (NTFS)
・The preloaded Windows system is about 20-30 GB
・When operating in macOS, please do not delete or alter anything to prevent damage of system.
Disk D – the data disk for duo system (exFAT)
・Under macOS and Windows operation systems, you can edit or read data freely.

Preparation before use

Under macOS, click on the Apple menu > About This Mac, to check your device model.
※If your device is one of the following models:
・iMac Pro
・MacBook Pro after 2018
・MacBook Air after 2018
・Mac mini after 2018
Please follow the following steps to change the settings of Secure Boot, and then use GameToGo.
※If your device is not one of the above models, you can use GameToGo directly.

Change settings of Secure Boot

  1. After pressing the power button to turn on or restart your Mac, long press Command (⌘) +R, to open macOS Utilities. (For the first-time user, you need to select your language.)
  2. When you see the window of macOS Utilities, please choose on the top Utilities > Security Utilities.
  3. When you are required for verification, please press Enter macOS Password, and enter the password as admin.
  4. Please remember to click No security and Allow Booting from External Media.
  5. When the setting is done, click on the Apple on the left, upper corner to turn off your device.

Start to use GameToGo

When you enter Windows via GameToGo for the first time, the driver will be installed automatically, which will take about 7 – 10 minutes.
During installation, the right, lower corner may pop up windows for a restart several times. Please ignore them all and restart only when all driver programs are completely installed.
  1. Connect GameToGo to Thunderbolt 3 or USB on Mac.
  2. Press power to turn on or restart Mac, and then long press the Option button (  )on either side. 
  3. When you see the window of boot manager, let go of the Option button. (If the Mac is protected with a firmware password, you can let go of the button when you enter the password.)
  4. Choose EFI Boot to activate disk, press Return/ Enter (  )button to enter Windows.
  5. The first time you enter Windows, GameToGo will install driver automatically. During the installation, you may not be able to operate on the keyboard or touchpad.

  6. After you restart the device, repeat step 2 to start using Windows.
⚠️ After driver is installed completely for the first time, if the device cannot stay connected to WiFi, please restart the device.
⚠️ If the device still fails to connect to WiFi, please open Disk D to install NetworkUpdate.exe.

How to activate Windows by Entering a Serial Number

You need to activate your Windows operating system.
GameToGo is preloaded with a Window 10 that hasn’t been activated.
Activation on home or professional versions
  1. Click the Windows icon on the left, lower corner and click GameToGo folder.
  2. Then click Windows Activation.
  3. Enter your product key from email and click next.

How do adjust the (D:) default disk space configuration

The Data disk partition ( D:\ ) can be read and edited under both Windows and macOS systems.
  1. Plug in GameToGo and enter Windows.
  2. Right click or use the touchpad with two fingers at the same time on the Windows icon on the left, lower corner, choose disk management tool.
  3. Move the cursor to the Data (D:\) disk, right click or use the touchpad with two fingers at the same time and then delete the data area.
  4. Adjust Data (D:\) disk space

    • Expand Data (D:\) disk space

      1. Compress the Windows (C:\) disk on the left side to free space.
      2. Move cursor over to Windows (C:\) disk, right click or use the touchpad with two fingers at the same time and then choose to compress disk.
      3. Fill in the size of space you’d like to compress, so that it will be converted into Data (D:\) disk space, and then click compress.
      4. On the available hard disk space area, right click or use the touchpad with two fingers at the same time and then choose to add a new, simple disk area.
      5. Choose the appointed disk models and click next. The preset disk is disk D.
      6. On format partitioned disk, format the file system to exFAT or FAT32.
      7. On disk tag options, fill in the name you’d like to show, the preset name is Data, and then click next.
      8. Click on complete and the adjustment is done.
    • Delete or adjust the common space smaller

      1. Mouse over to Windows, right click or touch the monitor with two fingers at the same time and then click on extended disk.
      2. Fill in the space you’d like to extend. Once the maximum is filled in, the preset space will be deleted. Click extend.
      3. Follow the above steps 4 to 9 to complete adjustment of commoen space.
⚠️ Suggestion: backup your common space before operation to prevent data loss.
If you need to adjust the size of data, it is recommended to make adjustment based on instruction in the video.

How to use Apple Software Update

As GameToGo is operated on Boot Camp, we suggest you to check if there is any driver update in Apple Software Update.
  1. Please confirm the device is connected to the Internet.
  2. Click the Windows icon on the left, lower corner, and click on Apple Software Update.
  3. Check if there is an update for you in New Software Available from Apple.
    • Install recommendation: the updates about Boot Camp.
    • Install recommendation: the updates about sound effect, WiFi, and bluetooth.
    • Install recommendation: the updates about keyboard and IME.
  4. Choose the item you need to update, and click Installation. The installation will be updated automatically.

How to use the right, lower corner on the touchpad as the right key.

You can adjust keyboard, default setting of touchpad via Boot Camp Control Panel on Windows, eg. using the right button on the touchpad as a supplementary function.
  1. Click the right, lower arrow icon to reveal or hide icons, and click on the diamond-shaped Boot Camp.
  2. Click Boot Camp Control Panel.
  3. You can adjust the preset functions of keyboard and touchpad here.
⚠️ The items set up in Boot Camp Control Panel will differ based on your device model.

How do I return or repair GameToGo?

90 Days Money-Back Guarantee

If at the end of 90 days you’re not completely in love with your purchase, return it for a full refund.

No questions asked. In any condition.

It’s that simple with GameToGo. No hassle.

Contact us at if you have a problem with any of your purchase.


One Year Refund Warranty

Within warranty and after 90 days for any defect, malfunction, even with the assistance of our C.S. and the product still doesn’t work the way it should, all you have to cover is the postage back to our company and we will refund 50% money-back for you.


Please note that all the refunds are not including the claimed Windows License.

The warranty does not cover a damage on appearance, an artificial damage, Windows system failure, or a computer virus.